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Boron Isotopic Materials

Highly enriched isotopic materials (B-10 and B-11 products) are used in nuclear, semiconductor, and research applications.

We supply these materials from Ceradyne Boron Products, LLC. to the Far East market.

B-10 Ceradyne Boron Products, LLC
Boron Department.
Enriched Boron(Boron10 & Boron11)

Enriched Boric Acid(H3BO3)


10B Enriched Boric Acid


11B Enriched Boric Acid


Enriched Boron Oxide (B2O)


10B Enriched Boron Oxide


11B Enriched Boron Oxide


Enriched Boron Carbide (B4C)


10B Enriched Boron Carbide


11B Enriched Boron Carbide


Enriched Boron Trifluoride (BF3)


10B Enriched Boron Trifluoride


11B Enriched Boron Trifluoride


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