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Boron and Lithium Isotopic Materials

Highly enriched isotopic materials (B-10 and B-11 products) are used in nuclear, semiconductor, and research applications.

We supply these materials from Ceradyne, Inc. to the Far East market.


We supply nuclear materials from Ceradyne, Inc. primarily to the Japanese market, but also to the Taiwanese and Korean markets. There are four distinct markets to which we supply nuclear materials:


  1. Nuclear Reactor
  2. Back-end & Decommissioning
  3. Nuclear Fuel
  4. Neutron Detection


With more than 40 years experience, Ceradyne, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of Enriched Boric Acid (EBA) in the world. Ceradyne, Inc. enjoys an excellent track record as a reliable and quality supplier of EBA. EBA is enriched with isotopic B-10, which has a very high thermal neutron cross section (3800 barns), and has a neutron absorption ability 5 times greater than that of natural boric acid.


Presently, EBA is being considered for advanced reactors as well as for safer operation of reactors.

Nuclear Reactor

Neutron Control

EBA will be used to control nuclear fission in Advanced Pressured Water Reactor (APWR) and for uprating of PWR. 7LiOH-H2O is used for pH control. B4C is used to control the neutron population in the operation of reactors as a control rod.


10B4C is also needed for the Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) as a control rod. In an uncontrolled situation with a control rod, Sodium Pentaborate(Na10B5O8) is applied as an emergency shut-down material.


In the advanced reactor of Fast Breeder Reactor(FBR), such as Joyo & Monju, 10B4C pellet is required.

  •  3M™ 10B Enriched Boric Acid (EBA) /H310BO3
  •  3M™ 7Li Enriched Lithium Hydroxide / 7LiOHEH2O
  •  3M™ 10B Enriched Boron Carbide powder, pellet and plate / 10B4C
  •  3M™ 10B Enriched Sodium Pentaborate (NaP10B) / Na10B5O8
  •  10% minimum solution of 7 Lithium hydroxide monohydrate

Back-end & Decommissioning

Neutron Shield

For storage and transportation of spent nuclear fuel, casks and canisters are used. An aluminum plate containing boron is used as a basket in those casks and canisters.


During manufacturing of aluminum, boron compounds are incorporated in aluminum to make borated aluminum.


In the storage house of spent nuclear fuel or where radiation is generated, BoroBond can be formulated to shield neutron or gamma radiation.


  • 3M™ 10B Enriched Potassium Fluoroborate / K10BF4
  • 3M™ 10B Enriched Boric Acid (EBA) /H310BO3
  • 3M™ 10B Enriched Boron Oxide / 10B2O3
  • BoroBond™
  • 3M™ 10B Enriched Iron Boride / Fe10B


Nuclear Fuel

We provide Zirconium diboride that can be coated over the uranium oxide pellets as burnable poison.


  • 3M™ 10B Enriched Zirconium Diboride / Zr10B2

Neutron Detection

Boron-10 has a high thermal neutron absorption cross-section and it is the best material for the development of the neutron detecting application. We offer various 10B-enriched  compounds manufactured by Ceradyne, Inc.

  • 3M™ 10B Enriched Boron Carbide powder, pellet and plate / 10B4C
  • 3M™ 10B Enriched Boron / 10B
  • 3M™ 10B Enriched Boric Acid (EBA) /H310BO3
  • 3M™ 10B Enriched Boron Trifluoride /10BF3
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