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We supply boron with low levels of carbon impurities.

Semiconductor Materials

We supply silicon doping materials, ion implantation materials, CVD-diffusion materials, etc. for the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Optical Fiber Materials

We supply high purity chemicals such as GeCl4 and SiCl4 which are indispensable for optical fiber manufacturing.

Solar Cell Materials

We supply PN diffusion materials indispensable for silicon solar cell manufacturing.



We supply high purity Gallium and Gallium compounds.

We supply high purity Indium and Indium compounds.




We supply ZnO,  Ge single crystal wafers and B,  B4C sintered compacts that are used in semiconductors and electronics devices.

Boron Isotopic Materials  

Our supplier`s B-10 and B-11 are highly enriched and used for various applications.

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