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Boron and Lithium Isotopic Materials

We supply Isotopicalaly Enriched Boron materials from Ceradyne, Inc. primarily to the Japanese market, but also to the Taiwanese and Korean markets. 


With more than 40 years experience, Ceradyne, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of Isotopically Enriched Boron materials in the world. Ceradyne, Inc. enjoys an excellent track record as a reliable and quality supplier of Isotopically Enriched Boron materials.

Isotopically Boron 10 has a very high thermal neutron cross section (3800 barns), and has a neutron absorption ability 5 times greater than that of natural boron.


Isotopically Enriched Boron materials are used for neutron sheilding and detection applications.


Product NameFormulaEnrichmentSize
3M™ 10B Enriched Boric Acid (EBA) H310BO3 10B>96% Powder

3M™ 10B Enriched Boron Carbide

power, pellet and plate

 10B4C 10B>96%



3M™ 10B Enriched Boron 10B 10B>96% 




3M™ 10B Enriched Boron Trifluoride 10BF3 10B>96% ***

3M™ 10B Enriched

Sodium Pentaborate (NaPB)

Na10B5O8 10B>96% Powder
3M™ 10B Enriched Potassium Fluoroborate  K10BF4 10B>96% Power
3M™ Castable Ceramics *** *** ***
3M™ 10B Enriched Iron Boride  Fe10B 10B>96% ***

3M™ 10B Enriched

Zirconium Diboride

Zr10B2 10B>96% ***

3M™ 7Li Enriched

Lithium Hydroxide 

7LiOH・H2O 7Li>99% Powder

10% minimum solution of 

7 Lithium hydroxide monohydrate

7LiOH・H2O 7Li>99% ***


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