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Ion Implantation Materials

Ion Implantation Materials

We supply ion implantation materials used for the “impurities doping” process of semiconductor. Our ion implantation materials can be divided into three categories “Cluster Implant Source”, “Gas Source”, “Solid Source”.


  1. Cluster Implant Source
  2. Gas Source
  3. Solid Source

Cluster Implant Source

We are the exclusive distributor of Cluster Implant materials produced by SemEquip, Inc. in Japan. The Cluster Implant Sources enable highest productivity at low-energy & high-dose and shallowest junctions. For more detail, please refer to SemEquip, Inc.’s website (www.semequip.com

ClusterBoron® ClusterCarbon™




Decaborane (B10H14)

(PDF 41KB)

Octadecaborane(B18H22 )

(PDF 70KB)



Bibenzyl (C14H14)

(PDF 55KB)

Fluoranthene (C16H10)

(PDF 67KB)

Gas Source

11B Enriched Boron Trifluoride that we provide contains 11B enriched in excess of 99.8% , so it enables higher throughput and yield. Natural boron contains only 81% of 11B. In addition, we can supply Germanium Tetrafluoride as a shallow doping material.

3M™ 11B Enriched Boron Trifluoride (11BF3)


3M™ 11B Enriched Boron Trifluoride(11BF3)

(PDF 84KB)

Germanium Tetrafluoride(GeF4)

(PDF 64KB)

Solid Source

We supply high purity ion implantation materials as Solid Source.



Product Name

Chemical Name


UHP Red P Red Phosphorus P 99.9999% Chunk, Ingot
UHP Arsenic Arsenic As 99.9999% Chunk
Antimony Trioxide Antimony Trioxide Sb2O3 99.999%

Granule,  Powder

Indium Trichloride Indium Trichloride InCl3 99.999% Granule


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